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marketing yoga teacher classes

Six Marketing Tips for Serious Yoga Teachers

If you are new to teaching yoga then you might be surprised at just how competitive the job market is. This will of course depend on where you are teaching and the studios that you are trying to land a gig at.

For those who are looking to teach in the best studios, it will be essential that you stand out and put the work in to market yourself to potential students.

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New Yoga Teacher? Here's My Toolbox Whole Self Yoga

New Yoga Teacher? Here’s My Toolbox!

As I talk about frequently within this blog, being a new yoga teacher can be an incredibly daunting experience. Your time spent in teacher training may have felt like an absolute dream as you soaked up new knowledge and shared a beautiful learning experience. Moving from this phase to now trying to secure teaching gigs and building your reputation may not be the smoothest of transitions, and there’s nothing wrong with needing some help!

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