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Three Leafy Green Pesto

Three Leafy Green Pesto JP

My Three Leafy Green Pesto recipe is something that you can easily throw together yourself in less than ten minutes from start to finish! It is also bursting with nutrients, meaning you can use it as your delicious go-to dip on those days when you feel you need an extra burst of goodness! Personally, I love making it for dinner parties!

So, as the name would suggest, we are going to be using three different leafy greens to make this pesto – basil, dill and mint.


This herb is an amazing source of vitamin K and manganese. Vitamin K is super useful for helping the body to utilise calcium properly, as well as for blood clotting. Manganese is an essential mineral that is required for several functions in the body and is a key factor in keeping bones healthy.


Dill is great for giving your digestive health a boost and also contains a beneficial amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. Both if these vitamins are necessary to support immune system function, as well as contributing to optimum health in a wide variety of other ways.


Mint is a very fragrant herb that contains an abundance of vitamin A. This tasty leaf also boasts a range of other vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts. As well as supporting the immune system, vitamin A is also good for healthy skin and vision.


  • A handful of basil
  • A small handful of dill
  • Ten mint leaves
  • 1 small avocado
  • A large handful of walnuts
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • The juice of one lemon
  • 1/3 of a cup of olive oil
  • Date nectar
  • Salt
  • Water


Get your food processor out and add in all of the avocado flesh with the large handful of walnuts. You can then also add in the basil, dill, mint, garlic cloves and all of the juice from the lemon. Finish up with a dash of the salt, a drizzle of the date nectar and the olive oil.

Blitz all of the ingredients together until you reach the desired consistency. This should just take a few moments and you will then have your creamy, dreamy Three Leafy Green Pesto!

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