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Adjust Your Attitude to Find Happiness

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When it comes to seeking happiness, it’s important not to dismiss any of your emotional responses.

Often we tell ourselves that feeling sad is not an acceptable state of mind because so many people have it worse. However, in doing so, we are discounting our natural response to our current situation.

It’s important to remember that we have to sometimes be sad if we are to be happy in other moments!

Understanding your emotions and—allowing yourself to feel them—is essential to working past any negative ones that present. This is how we move to truly being able to embrace the positive emotions and moments.

Finding Your Own Happiness

Many people try to find happiness in making others happy. Although this is of course a great thing to do, it can often be undertaken with the intention of distract ourselves from own emotions.

If you’re one of these people that spends a great deal of time worrying about everyone else, then you may start to find that you are missing out on your own joy. Although there are of course things you can do to increase the wellbeing of others, at the end of the day, their happiness is their own making.

You simply cannot force someone else to be happy and you cannot truly push them to reach this state of mind before they’re ready. Similarly, you’re responsible for your own happiness, even though you may get help from your loved ones along the way.

Obstacles to Happiness

If you believe that there are currently obstacles to you becoming your happiest self, then ask yourself the following questions. Use these questions to try and determine if your attitude could use an adjustment!

First of all, are there things in your life that are causing you pain that you could work to let go of?

Are there negative thought patterns that drive you to distraction when really you could embrace positivity and work to avoid them altogether?

Are there people that you allow to influence your attitude in a detrimental way?

Focus on the Positives

Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects of your life, make a list of all of the things that you’re doing well and remind yourself of these things each and every day.

By taking pride in the small moments of success that you achieve, you create a much bigger feeling of success. This can boost your sense of happiness and general wellbeing.

Owning Your Decisions

Make sure you own each and every decision and choice that guides your life so that you never lose that feeling of being in control. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself.

Take the time to care for yourself and not to let others get you down. Check in on your attitude to life and happiness regularly to ensure you remain on a positive and healthy track!

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  1. Wow! This post really gave me insight on our thoughts change our outlook. I am definitely going to start making the most out of everything.

  2. Thank you for this post! It really can help! I ask your permission to reblog and translate it in Italian: I think it can be very helpful for so many people! 🙂

  3. Love this post!! I realized that twitter had caused me to overall increase my negativity so I just don’t visit my account everyday. I feel waaay more positive and upbeat 🙂

  4. I completely agree with you. I feel like it’s easy to get lost when we try to make everyone happy, and it’s easy to forget ourselves..
    My way of seeing life is : any “bad” thing that happens to me is just to make me recognize the good ones 🙂

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