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Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

natural energy level boost

There are so many different reasons why your energy levels may start to slump during the day. It can be easy to attribute this to not always getting a good night’s sleep, or to rising stress levels — but the truth is it could be a combination of many things!

One of the first things that so many of us do to boost our energy levels during the day is to hit the caffeine. A cup of coffee is a popular way to get a boost but will generally be short-lived, and can leave you later feeling even lower on energy.

Another way is to grab a sugary or carbohydrate heavy snack. Although eating regularly throughout the day can help to balance your energy levels, if these foods are high in sugar or simple carbohydrates then you may quickly be crashing back down.

You will likely have seen in your local health food store that there is a wide range of supplements and other products that claim to boost your energy. Although there may be some benefit to some of these products, they can also sometimes come with unwanted side effects. Additionally, it is always best to address the root cause of the issue and find out why your energy levels are low.

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Today I want to share some natural ways that you can help to keep your energy levels balanced!

Address Your Stress

Stress can be a serious drain on your health, your happiness, and also your energy levels!

If you already know that you are stressed out, and you know where this stress is coming from, then it may be within your power to resolve the situation.

A lot of times, stress in our lives is caused by people that we love, or people that we spend a lot of time with. In some instances, we have to disconnect from relationships that continue to be negative, but often there are ways to turn these situations around.

Talk to the people who are bringing these negative emotions into your life, and try to understand why your relationship has reached this point. This may seem harder to do if your source of stress is your boss, or a co-worker, but you should always feel as though you can have these conversations. You may be surprised at just how quickly and easily you can find a resolution!

Relinquish Control

Sometimes the simple truth is that we don’t have enough energy for the whole day because there is just too much to do!

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If you are guilty of saying yes all too often, and taking on more then you can manage, then you may be overwhelming yourself.

Try to get into the habit of saying no to the things that you know you actually don’t have the time or energy for. Similarly, if you already have too much on your plate, then find ways to release control of these things and step away from them.

Embrace Calm

If you aren’t finding pleasant ways to relax then it is even more likely that you are going to feel burnt out and overwhelmed. Being in this state often can quickly impact how much energy you have for each day.

Some amazing ways to relax — at any point during the day — are yoga, mediation, light exercise, reading, listening to music, or going for a gentle walk. In fact, anything that you enjoy doing can help you to reset and become calmer and more energised.

Exercise & Energy

It may seem contradictory that exercising will give you energy — but bare with me!

When you have a regular exercise schedule then you are much more likely to enjoy a better quality of sleep. This can be the case even if the exercise you are doing isn’t particularly intense. In fact, I believe you can feel the benefits even from doing a gentle yoga flow in the evening.

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Exercise is an amazing way to help oxygen circulate around your body, and also to give your cells more energy to burn! What’s more, exercise prompts your body to release small amounts of certain stress hormones. Although this sounds counter-productive, in small amounts these hormones will simply make you feel more energised and alert.

Avoid Toxins

Becoming more energised is as much about cutting things out as it is adding new habits in. If you are someone who smokes tobacco, or drinks alcohol or caffeine in excess, then you can be seriously sabotaging your own energy levels.

Tobacco and caffeine act as stimulants in the body, working to increase your heart rate and blood pressure. This can have a knock-on effect on your sleep cycle, as you might find it harder to get to sleep, and also wake up more frequently during the night.

Drinking alcohol more than a few times a week can also impact your sleep cycle. It may leave you feeling tired, which can help you drift off to sleep. However, this is also likely to be disturbed sleep that leaves you feeling tired and groggy in the morning.


Making sure you are getting enough water is a super easy way to support many important functions in your body. Always drinking six to eight glasses of water a day should be the goal.

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If you start to feel tired during the day then one of the first things you should do is reach for a glass of water. Try to remember to take regular sips throughout the day to avoid ever becoming dehydrated in the first place.

Get Inspired

I hope you will be inspired by the advice I have shared, and will incorporate these simple tips into your daily routines.

One of the most important things on this list is keeping stress and anxiety at bay. To help you progress with this, I have put together my top ten tips for keeping on top of stress and anxiety.

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Natural Foods for Better Energy

As our days become busier and more hectic, finding a way to get through till bedtime is often at the forefront of our minds. I am always excited to discover new ways to manage this naturally and, of course, food is my favourite weapon when it comes to doing so!

Altering your diet to include high energy options is arguably the best way to keep yourself motivated and energised during the day. The following foods are easy to work into your diet every day and you will soon feel the health benefits of doing so.


Edamame makes for a great snack and will help your energy levels to soar. Also known as soybeans, they are high in nutrients that work to energise the body. When you eat edamame every day, you will be naturally increasing the B vitamins in your body, as well as your phosphorous and copper levels.

It’s a great idea to have an adequate amount of B vitamins because they help to break carbohydrates down into glucose, which the body then uses as fuel! They are also a fantastic source of fibre and protein so get them on the menu!

Whole Grains

Opting for a whole grain cereal in the morning will help to prepare you for the day ahead when it comes to keeping your energy up. Whole grain cereals are high in fibre and this will help glucose to be released slowly throughout the day, thereby giving you more consistent energy levels.

It’s not difficult to find whole grain cereals that have been fortified with a range of vitamins and minerals, which means that your body will get even more of a boost!

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Keeping a bag of nuts and dried fruit with you at all times is a great emergency go-to when you feel your energy levels begin to drop. Nuts and dried fruit contain an amazing combination of protein, fibre and healthy fat which is exactly what you need in a moment of low energy. It is best to make your own mix of fruit and nuts so that you can select the raw, unsalted varieties. Put together a huge batch and you can then take smaller portions with you each day.

Bursting with Energy

Including these three things in your diet regularly will soon have you bursting with the energy that you need to approach your days full of positivity!

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