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How I Created My 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in London

How I Created My 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in London

Unless this is the first time that you are visiting Whole Self Yoga, then you will already know that training yogis to become brand new yoga teachers is the essence of my business!

My 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in London has already produced some absolutely incredible new yoga teachers, and it was an honour and a privilege to be the one to mentor them!

Becoming a yoga teacher was a dream and a passion of mine for a long time before I finally took the plunge and made it my reality. My career as a yoga teacher started slowly and evolved over the years as my brand grew. Reaching the point that I’m at today has been such an exciting journey for me, and it’s a story that I’m always excited to share.

Over the years as I continued to teach yoga and to develop my classes, I eventually started to imagine how I could take the next step into becoming a teacher trainer! For a very long time this was just a seed of an idea that I nurtured in my own mind. However, as my desire to work towards this goal grew, I realised that I had to put my ideas into motion and achieve my dream!

My 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course focuses on four basic pillars. Those are nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and lifestyle. Today I would like to explain these four pillars of my teacher training course to give you an insight into what it’s all about!


Nutrition is one of my biggest passions aside from yoga, and it is something that I absolutely love talking about. You will have noticed that the blog section of this website, which is primarily for my yoga business, is also full of plant-based recipes!

Nutrition Whole Self Yoga Julie Montagu

It was a no-brainer that nutrition would be one of the four pillars of my teacher training course, and it was also immediately apparent to me that Ayurveda would be the basis of this part of the course. The Ayurvedic way of eating is an ancient wisdom that encourages a healthy and positive approach to food.

When you eat in accordance with the Ayurvedic guidelines then you will find that you become much more in tune with your body and what it is asking of you, as well as what it truly needs.

Ayurveda as a larger concept speaks of how there are three different doshas, or biological energies. It is suggested that we all have one dominant energy within us which guides our character and behaviour.

The three doshas are vata, pitta, and kapha. Eating for your dosha type can help to promote optimum health and align the systems of your body.

There is just so much to write on the topic of Ayurvedic eating that I could go on forever here! If it’s something that interests you then I definitely recommend that you look further into it, or of course that you join us on the teacher training course to learn more.


The concept of movement within my yoga teacher training course speaks of the yoga itself! This is of course the very basis of the training itself, and I have included many wonderful guest teachers who can offer their unique perspective on the style of yoga that they teach.

The styles of yoga that these guest teachers are experts in range from different styles of Vinyasa, such as Rocket Yoga and Slow Vinyasa, to Ashtanga, Dharma and Mandala – among others!

By including such a wide range of different yoga styles, I want to guide my students towards discovering what works best for them, and to carve out their place in the yoga world.


I am incredibly honoured to have the UK’s leading expert on mindfulness compassion, Cathy-Mae Karelse, teaching the mindfulness portion of my teacher training course.

Cathy-Mae has a wealth of knowledge about all things mindfulness, and has many years of practical experience sharing her wisdom with others.

Julie Montagu Whole Self Yoga

Throughout this aspect of the course, Cathy-Mae will be teaching you how to let go and move on from past mistakes in a way that equips you to not make the same ones again!

Her teachings will encourage you to stop worrying about the future, and the exercises that she guides you through will show you how to keep yourself present in each moment as you live it! These are lessons that you can then pass on to your students.


Through a selection of workshops focusing on different lifestyle topics, such as anxiety, stress, happiness, and vision boarding, we will work together to truly understand these concepts.

I firmly believe that all of these workshop topics are ones that we should aim to support our students with as best as we possibly can, both in and out of the classes that we teach. This is why we are devoting this time to them!

Anxiety is something that so many people struggle with, and can often hold us back from doing the things that we truly want to do. It can seriously prevent us from achieving the dreams that we would love to manifest into our lives.

Yoga is an amazing tool for combatting anxiety, trust me – I’m speaking from experience! And, through this portion of the course I will show you how you can equip yourselves and your future students to tackle anxiety.

Stress is another common struggle that many of us share, and can often hold us back. However, we can choose to deal with it, process it, and overcome it! Learning to control your stress, instead of allowing it to control you, is fundamental to creating the necessary atmosphere to enable your students to thrive!

There should be no explanation necessary really for why happiness is important! This is something that we all surely want to invite into our lives in abundance. Through this workshop we will work together to truly understand this concept and to better learn how to spread happiness, love, and positivity in your classes.

Finally, vision boarding is an exciting tool that everybody can embrace. It is a super simple concept that can help you to manifest the life that you want for yourself. I can’t wait to teach you all about it in this workshop!

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in London

Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training is for both aspiring yoga instructors and anyone wanting to deepen their personal practice. Anyone who is looking to develop their physical and mental practice and improve their life through the practice of yoga, nutrition, mindfulness, and self-care will benefit from this course! Click here to find out more and to register your interest.

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