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How I Got Into Yoga

Julie Montagu How I Got Into Yoga

People often ask me how I first got into yoga, and what my journey was from student to teacher. This story is such an important part of who I am today, and so I am always happy to share it with those who want to know!

Many years ago, when all four of my children were still quite young, I was absolutely exhausted and just didn’t have any time for myself. I found that I was giving and giving and giving all of my energy to others, and that I literally had nothing left for myself.

Throughout this time I kept telling myself that as long as my family were happy, that I was happy too. But as I soon found out, this isn’t a sustainable way to be happy – or to truly live at all!

Discovering Yoga

It wasn’t until I found yoga that I started to understand how I could give back to myself. This time that I began to spend nourishing my body and soothing my mind, in the presence of other people all searching for their own answers, inspired me and guided me to finding my happiness.

Once I cultivated this happiness for myself, it became so much easier and more natural to be a more supportive wife, mother, and friend!

To cover some of the more important points, I’ve put together a quick video!

Could Yoga Be For You?

If the things that I’m talking about in this video resonate with you, then yoga could be just the thing that you’re searching for too!

My 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing way to ease yourself into the world of yoga, whilst also qualifying to share this love with others at the same time!

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