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Wowsers Wheatgrass – a GIY (grow it yourself!) post


Okay, so I have been SO excited about this post for over a week now (10 days to be exact)!  Nearly freaking out! I just couldn’t wait to get started on writing about how to Grow Your OWN Wheatgrass!

It’s simple, fun, inexpensive and self-fulfilling!  Need I say more?

If you’ve got kids then they will love watching this magical grass grow right before their BIG eyes! And to be perfectly honest, I was excited to see the photos that my husband took of each cool stage of growth.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed posting it!

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass

To start, make sure you get some good wheatgrass seeds – look online, they’re everywhere!

Take 250g of the seeds and soak them overnight or a good 8-12 hours.

Once soaked, rinse and then allow the seeds to sprout first before planting.  To do this, put the seeds into a muslin pouch for 2 days,  a glass jar will do fine too!  Make sure you rinse the seeds 3 times a day during those 2 days of sprouting.

Once those cute seeds have formed their adorable tails, you are ready to plant them!  I used a 9 x 13 tray, filled it with soil (basic potting mix or top soil work great) and then gently placed the seeds on top of the soil, not in the soil.

To keep them wet, you gotta water them and cover them up for the next 3 days.  I used another tray to cover them but a tea towel is fine too.  During these 3 days, water them heavily in the morning.

When The Grass Grows

When the grass has grown about 1-2 inches in length, you can then uncover those gorgeous blades and watch them grow even more.

Little hint:  I don’t advise having the grass in direct sunlight though.  Just find a good spot in your kitchen that doesn’t get too much of it.  Living in London, that’s not too hard!

Over the next several days, watch your amazing creation grow to around 8- 10 inches and then it’s ready to be cut, juiced and gulped!

If you don’t know the SHAMAZING benefits of Wheatgrass, then keep on reading.  There are SOOOO many to list that I could write a novel about Wheatgrass!  But instead I’ve listed my top EIGHT favourite benefits!

Wheatgrass Benefits

1. Wheatgrass juice contains up to 70% chlorophyll, which is a huge blood builder.

YUP, these chlorophyll molecules so closely resemble our bloods haemoglobin. The only major difference is that the chlorophyll molecule contains magnesium as its central atom and our blood contains iron.  Other than that, these guys chlorophyll and haemoglobin are nearly identical.

2. The Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass contains awesome enzymes which helps to slow down the ageing process.  Am all over that one!

3. Yucky bacteria and toxins are stopped and flushed out by our best friend Chlorophyll.

4. Chlorophyll, yes, can be extracted from a lot of plants, but wheatgrass is SUPERIOR because it has been found to have over 100 elements needed by us!

5. Carrot juice and fresh fruit juices are great at detoxing the body, but once again Wheatgrass is superior in the detoxification department!

6. 1 ounce of Wheatgrass juice is equal to 2 pounds of dark, green leafy veg therefore, it naturally shuts off the appestat in the brain.

7. Wheatgrass is jam packed with vitamins and minerals, including 13 essential ones, dozens of trace elements and enzymes, rich in protein and contains 17 amino acids: the building blocks of protein.

8. And lastly, this juice aids in skin problems such as eczema or acne, can be gargled for a sore throat, improves digestion and keeps the hair from graying (OMG – love that!)

Get Started

So, there you have it – Wheatgrass really packs a punch, right?!  And this is just a glimpse of the many benefits of Wheatgrass.  So, run out now, get your seeds and start your glorious growing! Your body will LOVE you for it!

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  1. You’re right the seeds are widely available online, I’ve just checked. Will definitely give this a go, the kids will love getting involved. Be interesting to see if they’ll try it or not.

  2. I can’t stand the taste of the fresh juice so I am using the dry powder. I hope it works well too! BTW, love London. Haven’t been there for a few years, maybe soon!

    1. That’s totally fine to do! YOu’re at least getting it into you! London’s great….. esp. when it’s sunny (which I’m afraid isn’t that often!)

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