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toffee caramel popcorn julie montagu

Toffee Caramel Popcorn

When it comes to making healthy snack decisions, popcorn is such a fantastic choice! One of the most amazing things about popcorn is that you can choose from so many different healthy toppings that it never has to get boring!…

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Plant-Based Protein

If you follow a plant-based diet then the chances are you have heard that dreaded question before - “Where do you get your protein?” Proteins, often a hot topic in the nutrition world, are necessary for all of us. Without…

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smoothie bowl with hemp

Hemp Seed Smoothie Bowl

Think of this smoothie bowl as almost like a chocolate milkshake, but one that’s full of goodness!

You might think that sounds impossible…but give this a go and I think you’ll agree it’s thick, creamy, and slightly chocolatey too!

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