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Chocolate and Salt


There aren’t many foods that I would say I absolutely could not live without, but these chocolate and salt might just make the cut!

I try to include both of these amazingly nutritious ingredients in both mine and my kids diets every day and with a bit of imagination, it’s not a difficult task at all.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Making the decision to use Himalayan sea salt in your cooking, as opposed to regular table salt, is a great decision for your overall well-being.

As we already know, consuming too much salt means bad things for the body. It can easily cause high blood pressure and place strain on your organs which can then lead to a stroke, a heart attack or even kidney disease.

Eating less salt is generally a great idea. However, using an alternative that provides all the minerals and nutrients that regular salt is lacking is even better!

Essential Minerals

Himalayan sea salt contains the full spectrum of 84 minerals and is totally unprocessed and unrefined. It comes from salt caves that came to be over 250 million years ago when salt from the ocean was deposited on land.

Because Himalayan sea salt is millions of years old, it doesn’t contain many of the present day impurities and toxins that the ordinary kind can be polluted with.

There are many health benefits of incorporating this type of salt into your diet. They include controlling your water levels, providing your cells with a consistent pH balance, maintaining optimum blood sugar levels and even slowing down the visible aspects of the ageing process. It is also thought that it is great for your respiratory and vascular health. This can reduce your chance of suffering with sinus problems.

On top of all of these fantastic factors it could also help to ease muscle cramps. This can increase the strength of your bones and encourage a normal sleeping pattern.

Relaxing Properties

Eating Himalayan sea salt isn’t the only way to take advantage of its many health benefits. Adding a couple of hundred grams to a bath is also said to aid detoxification. This will not only relax your muscles but will also rejuvenate your skin. This is a very calming way to eradicate toxins from your body and will leave you feeling refreshed.

Many doctors and health food professionals suggest that this kind of salt is the best option. It is a great idea to use it in place of the regular brands that you’re used to. You’ll soon see the difference for yourself!

Raw Cacao

Cacao beans come from a tree that is native to the West Indies and South America. The taste of raw cacao is typically described as nutty and slightly bitter. This causes some people to include a natural sweetener, like agave nectar, when they consume it.

There is absolutely no cholesterol or trans-fats in the beans but there is an impressive amount of fibre and protein.

A SuperFood

Raw cacao does several things to the body to truly earn its title as a superfood. The high antioxidant count is great for eliminating rogue free radicals in the body. These free radicals are known to cause certain types of cancer and age the skin. Cacao also improves blood flow which in turn helps stimulate the process of healing cells and reducing stress inducing hormones.

Cacao is a rich source of magnesium and sulphur, making it great for improved focus and for combating fatigue. It also contains phenylethylamine, which chocolate fanatics may already know is the compound that is often referred to as ‘the love drug’.

Phenylethylamine is thought to be useful in treating depression as it aids the release of endorphins. Similarly, cacao encourages extended anandamide presence in the brain which can also create feelings of happiness.

Nutritional Value

Raw cacao is excellent for including in a wide range of recipes and will increase the nutritional value of any dish. It’s not just great for food but can also be used in powder form in drinks like hot chocolate and smoothies. Mixing even a small amount into a smoothie will increase the nutritional value and complement the existing flavour!

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  1. You know whats great? Chocolate bars with salt on em. These are two foods no one should live without- and happen to work wonderfully together!

  2. I like bitter chocolate, hate sweet chocolate, is there a salt chocolate? it would be just my cuppatea because I don’t have a sweet tooth and need some salt in my diet.

  3. Love. Love. Love. I am always looking for different holistic dietary tricks of the trade! Your recipes look and sound amazing and the information you provide is wonderful advice. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’ll be sure to continuously check in with yours!!!

  4. Julie, Thank you so much for following my blog. You are my first follower! I was so interested in your article about salt and chocolate. You are correct, Himilayan Rock Salt is the best choice by far. My nutritionist has told me to avoid all sea salt due to mercury content…yuk! We are lucky here in Australia, we have salt from Lake Eyre in the centre of Australia. Is was once an underground sea and human footprints are not there at all…yet anyway.
    Cheers, love and good wishes from Austraila 🙂

  5. What a great and tasty looking blog you have here! I love Himalayan rock salt. I can’t live without salt, it is the one thing that stops my blood pressure dropping through the floor. The more salt the better as far as I’m concerned. Your body will always tell you when you have had enough of something if you know how to listen. Also thank you Julie for following my blog 🙂

  6. I can’t live without organic dark chocolate, so it’s good to read about cacao’s multiple qualities ! Thanks for the follow ! Chocolatey greetings from the South of France !

  7. Thanks for the like and the follow! Salt and chocolate are two of my favourite foods too. =) It was really interesting reading your ‘about me’. I had no idea holistic nutrition was a profession, can you tell me more about the philosophy underlying it, or what your approach to food is?

  8. I just saw chocolate salt in a specialty spice store the other day! It looked so intriguing… as something to rim a glass with, or even to sprinkle on sweet, caramel desserts!

  9. Brilliant post, your blog is insightful and informative – I look forward to reading more. Thank you for the like and for following my blog, hopefully you’ll enjoy my posts as much as I do yours! 🙂 x

  10. thanks for stopping by and visiting my photo blog. love your blog too – its interesting, informative and I love the pictures. I look forward to seeing more (gotta try that pesto too) 🙂

  11. Himalayan sea salt has been a staple in our house for about five years! My husband and I are learning a lot more about low toxic raw cocoa these days and are equally happy to have access to the good stuff:) Pairing the two yummies together…now that’s a little piece of haven.
    Bless, Julie

  12. Thanks for the follow at Evolution Made Easier. I always appreciate when someone decides to do that, plus it helps me find out what they’re up to, like this great blog of yours. And from this post I see we have a love of Himalayan salt (and cacao) in common. I have done a number of posts featuring this wonderful cooking, personal care, and self-help health aid at my Self-help Health blog. It’s one of the things I think every household should have on hand. I always have some in the kitchen AND bathroom. 🙂

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