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5 Yoga Videos for Autumn

Autumn is most definitely here. As the leaves are falling and the nights are getting longer, perhaps you’re looking to add more yoga in to your daily routine so you can stay active in the warmth of your own home. Here’s 5 of my favourite videos you can do at home!

1. 20 Minute Everyday Vinyasa Flow Yoga – from The Great Hall at Mapperton

I know how busy life can get, so I’ve put together this series of short yoga practices that you can fit into your busy routine. These are quick flows for the days that you can’t get into the longer classes.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga in which you move from one pose in to the next so that you move from one to another, seamlessly. The flow is coordinated with your breathing and movement.

Join me in The Great Hall at Mapperton House as we flow through a 20 minute vinyasa flow.

2. 20 minute Nourishing & Comforting Yoga Sequence

This one is all about you; making time for you, making space for you and allowing you to reset.

As we move into the colder seasons it is totally normal that you might begin to experience a shift in your mood. With the shorter days also come the longer nights and colder temperatures — and this can be enough to impact your enthusiasm for each day and ability to practice self-care.

For those nights when you just need a comforting and nourishing yoga flow, this yoga sequence has been created just for you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself! You can do this just before bed, first thing in the morning or that time when you feel you need a little more self care!

We start this sequence by focusing on our breathing and asking ourselves what we need at that very moment. Whether you need peace, stillness or space, this video will help you put that message out to the universe.

This sequence is for all levels – anybody can do it! Close the door, close out the world and take 20 minutes just for you!

3. 10 Minute Self Care – Restorative Yoga Sequence

The first in the series of my Restorative Yoga Sequences.

A quick and easy yoga routine for when you feel you need to open up, or if you’re stressed. The poses in this sequence will help you open up your body, loosen your hamstrings, and restore stress and mental clarity levels back to normal.

Whether you need to slow down when life gets too busy or if you’ve been sat at the desk for too long and need to open up your body, restorative yoga is great to help achieve mental, physical and emotional relaxation and balance. The flow is slower paced and focuses on supporting your body so it’s comfortable in the poses.

4. Heartfulness Meditation from Mapperton’s Drawing Room

Not quite a yoga routine, but definitely a practice worth doing. Sometimes we all need to take a break and breathe for our body.

Yoga and meditation are my go-to choices when I need to relax, unwind, and move through a difficult experience. Even a short yoga flow followed by a moment of meditation can help to set the reset button in the mind.

In this 10 minute heartfulness meditation, we’re bringing your heart some warmth and good energy. You can do it in a comfortable seated position or lying down. Lengthen your spine so that the energy can flow freely throughout your body.

5. Every Day Sun Salutations – An Easy and Doable Yoga Sequence

Sun Salutations are GREAT to do at home yourself when you can’t get along to a class and with this video we can do easily do them together!

Sun Salutations, also known as Surya Namaskar, are a fantastic choice for starting your day. That’s not to say that they are the only yoga sequence you should give your attention to in the mornings, but that they should certainly be included regularly.

Sun Salutations are also great to flow through in the evenings as you are winding down for a peaceful sleep. If you are practicing Sun Salutations in the evening, then I would always recommend ending your practice in Savasana to fully rest and relax your body and mind.

Yoga Videos for Autumn

These five videos are just a few of my favourite practices and sequences to do when the nights get darker. If you’re looking for more yoga why not join Whole Self on Patreon to access a library of yoga classes for you to move through in your own time or join me live on the mat.

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