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Spotting the Signs of Ill Health

Spotting the Signs of Ill Health - Julie Montagu

Staying on top of your health is super important if you are to help to lower your risk of illness and maintain your energy levels. You may initially think that this is quite difficult to do, especially given the large amounts of conflicting advice in regards to health and wellness. However, there are some key things that you can look out for!


If you are experiencing certain food cravings more than you usually would, or new cravings altogether, then this can be a sign that your health is not at an ideal level.

Experiencing cravings is also a huge tell-tale sign that there are issues with your diet. You can help to overcome these cravings by eradicating processed and packaged foods, as well as foods that are high in sugar. It may take a while for the cravings to subside but you will begin to feel much better once they do!

Digestive Trouble

When your digestive system is not doing its job properly then a whole host of health issues can quickly present themselves. The most obvious signs are likely to be bloating, constipation or diarrhoea. You may also just generally experience a feeling of discomfort.

Soothing your digestive system can be achieved by taking a look at your diet and eating foods to support the health of your gut.

Skin Health

The appearance of your skin can be a great guide for observing your all-round health. When you are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, or if you have high levels of toxins present in your body, then the skin may suffer as a result.

A simple detox can help to hit the reset button on your skin and ease any visible symptoms. By eating more antioxidant rich foods and avoiding toxins (such as alcohol, tobacco, sugar etc) as much as possible, you can help to improve the appearance of your skin.

Low Energy Levels

If you regularly feel as though your energy is lacking then you may be suffering from varying degrees of fatigue for any number of reasons! This is a fairly obvious and serious indication of ill health and should be addressed.

In order to improve your energy levels you will need to take a look at your diet, and increase the amount of nutrients that you are consuming. However, if this problem persists then you should certainly visit your GP to determine if you have developed an adverse health condition.

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