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Discover These Superfoods For a Better Diet

healthy eating superfoods

The list of superfoods continues to grow as we discover new and interesting foods that are amazingly good for our health!

With so many to choose from, it’s easy to include at least one in our daily diets. And, the range of food types and flavours, means there’s something for every taste and recipe. Here are some of my favorite superfoods that you might not have tried before. Your body will definitely thank you for giving them a go this year!

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion greens are a rich source of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, copper, manganese and also contain an abundance of antioxidants.

It’s also evident that these amazing greens contain more protein per serving than spinach. You can eat them raw but if you prefer not to then they are also fantastic for adding into smoothies.

Dandelion greens are extremely low in calories and are also believed to aid the liver in the detox process. Research has shown that dandelion greens have the potential to help in reducing the risk of certain cancers and certain age-related diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Their use in protecting against strokes is also being explored.

You can buy organic dandelion greens at health food stores but it is also possible to go and forage for them yourself! If you do so then be sure you are picking greens that haven’t been treated with pesticides or any other contaminants.


Kelp comes from the ocean and is such an amazing source of so many nutrients!

There’s at least 70 minerals contained within, not to mention various enzymes and other health boosting components! The high number of minerals in kelp is thanks (in part) to the sea water and sea soil in which it grows.

Eating the same regular vegetables every day can become tedious, so kelp is a great way to introduce some originality to meal times. It can be added to salads, blended into soups, or eaten alongside any main meal.

With just over 40 calories in a 100g serving, this superfood is low fat and high in protein. It’s thought to be of particular use to those suffering with high blood pressure or poor cardiovascular health.

Black Rice

Black rice isn’t seen very commonly in the supermarket but it’s actually one of the healthiest foods available and well worth seeking out!

The antioxidant count of black rice is incredibly high and this is where the colour of this rice comes from. These antioxidants are of the same group as those found in blueberries.

This superfood contains impressive amounts of anthocyanin. This is a compound which is known to lower the risk of heart attacks occurring as well as helping to control bad cholesterol levels. Black rice is lower in calories when compared to brown and white rice and is also lower in carbohydrates whilst being high in protein

Healthy Eating for the Year Ahead

Add these to your shopping list and find out for yourself just how great they are!

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  1. I drink a lot of organic dandelion tea, but I’ve not eaten the stuff yet. I’ll give it a whirl. Disappointed Pot Noodles didn’t get a mention. They may be unhealthy but, what it boils up to, is… they’re unhealthy. Steer well clear.

  2. This is always a good reminder to me, since I do eat some of the Superfoods, but miss a few from time to time. My youngest daughter is one who helps me blend up drinks with lots of nutritious ingredients, along with helping me to stay away from most ‘junk’ food, too! smiles!

  3. Love dandelion leaves – they were traditionally eaten in spring as a cleansing herbal tonic, and are a good source of potassium which helps flush excess sodium through the kidneys. Herbalists use them to treat water retention and bloating due to their mild diuretic action. Best to eat young leaves as older ones are quite bitter. @DrSarahB

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