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Sell Out Your Yoga Classes

Sell Out Your Yoga Class Whole Self Yoga

Getting bodies on those mats to sell out your yoga classes can be one of the biggest struggles for new yoga teachers! With so many different classes to choose from, those looking to practice yoga are often spoilt for choice. This abundance of amazing teachers can make it difficult to stand out as a yoga teacher – especially when you are new to the game!

Having a full class is a great goal to work towards, and can really help to give you a confidence boost as a yoga teacher. However, that is not to say that having low numbers makes you a bad teacher! It is simply the process that you have to go through in order to build your reputation as you grow your business.

You may have seen that I created a workbook for new yoga teachers to help you sell out your yoga classes! If you haven’t seen it yet then you can click here to find out more!

In my workbook I share my top five tips to help you achieve this milestone. Within these tips I ask you questions to really get you thinking about how you can bring your personal touch into your lessons.

What’s in the Workbook?

The first thing that we’ll be discussing within the workbook is just how helpful it can be to really know what your message is.

My message as an instructor is all about self-care. I want yoga to be a start for people to take care of themselves – their whole selves – whether they are in class or out. I incorporate mindfulness, nutrition, and uplifting energy into each one of my classes, blog posts, and social media posts. I know my message and I live it each day.

Building your community is another important step, and one that will take time and patience. This means connecting with people, both online and out in the real world! This can be a scary step if you are not used to putting yourself out there, but it is an invaluable way to make connections and boost your brand.

Sell Out Your Yoga Classes Julie Montagu

Incorporating the other things that you are interested in and passionate about into your yoga classes will go a long way to creating a more exciting experience for your students. This will of course vary from teacher to teacher, and will encourage those with similar passions to come along to your class.

Creativity and Enthusiasm

Maintaining your creativity and enthusiasm as a yoga teacher is key to growing your student numbers and keeping your classes full. Within my Five Tips to Sell Out Your Yoga Classes Workbook I will share my secrets with you on how to stay creative!

Things don’t happen overnight as much as we want them to. I built my dream business slowly. While some people might look at me and think that I’ve had sudden success, that’s not true. I started my business as a busy mum of four wonderful children. There were some days when I could only spend a few minutes to work on my business – but I made sure to make the most of those moments!

There were times when I rented a church hall to teach a class and no one showed up. This was obviously disheartening at first, but I soon learnt that I could use this time and energy to continue to develop and enhance my practice. The point I’m making here, is that it is important that you understand that when you are taking small steps to build your business and sell out your classes, that you are still making progress!

Want to Know More?

I hope that these quick tips that I have just shared with you have given you an insight into how you can harness your existing skills and experience to start selling out your classes. If you are inspired and want to know more, then the full workbook is waiting for you!

Download it now and take the next step in your yoga career!

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