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Where Are The Best Antioxidants?

blueberry antioxidants

We all know that eating a varied diet full of natural foods is the key to good health, however, there is an abundance of such foods to choose from!

Plant-Based Diet

It is normal that everybody has certain foods that they prefer, but in order to maximise the nutrition in your diet it is important to eat a wide a selection of plant-based foods. By consuming foods that are rich in antioxidants, you are giving your body the ammo it needs to keep your immune system healthy and fight rogue free radicals.

Which Foods Contain Antioxidants?

Even though antioxidants can be found in a large number of foods, there are several that have a much higher count than others. By choosing to include these foods in your meals, and as snacks, your health could benefit dramatically.

These foods are often referred to as superfoods because of the benefits of eating them. When you include these superfoods in your diet, you will be able to stop buying and consuming pricy supplements and get all of your nutrition directly from natural food sources.


Blueberries have been used in research to determine the best way to protect cells from damage. It has been suggested that consuming blueberries every day will go a long way to protecting your body.

Blueberries are good for lowering inflammation and boosting the immune system. In addition to having a high antioxidant count, blueberries also contain high numbers of phytochemicals that are believed to protect the body against certain diseases.

Raw Nuts

All nuts in their raw form are fantastic for the body. The problem comes when these nuts are cooked in refined oils and covered in salt.

When eaten raw, any type of nut will provide health benefits to the body and a decent dose of antioxidants. One of the best advantages of eating nuts is that they contain high numbers of good fats, which the body needs to function properly.

All nuts are high in antioxidants but amongst the best for your health are almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts.

Leafy Green Vegetables

If you’ve visited my online learning portal then you’ll know that leafy green vegetables are an absolute favourite of mine—and for good reason! Crammed full of antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, magnesium and much more, leafy green vegetables are all-round winners for the body.

If you don’t know which ones to choose, then give kale, spinach and broccoli a go to start!

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  1. Is it true that canned corn is high in anti-oxidents? I’ve heard that something happens during the canning process that results in these anti-oxidents, whereas raw corn doesn’t have much nutritional value.

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