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Parsley – The Healthy, Healing Herb!

parsley healthy herbs

Parsley is a great tasting herb that can easily be grown by even the most non-green fingered person in the home. It not only tastes good but also has a very high nutrient content. It is revered for its healing properties.

Native to the Mediterranean region, parsley can be used in all sorts of recipes and bought fresh all year round. Although it may just look like an ordinary plant, parsley has a selection of components that provide unique nutritious benefits.

Types of Parsley

There are several different types of parsley, some more fragrant than others. All of them contain amazing amounts of health-boosting properties.

Having been grown and cultivated for more than 2000 years, parsley was first used for its medicinal properties. It was only later used in cooking. In ancient times, the Greeks even used it to decorate the grave areas of their dead as they considered it to be sacred.

Nutritional Value

Packed full of antioxidants, parsley has been studied at great length.  It has been shown to combat the existence of free radicals in the body while also increasing oxygen capacity in blood cells. The high concentration of vitamin C and vitamin A in this herb means that it is incredibly useful for preventing disease. It is therefore good at generally keeping the body healthy.

Vitamin C is especially useful in keeping the immune system operating at an optimum function. This means that it’s not only good for keeping serious illness at bay but also protecting against colds and infections.

Beta-carotene is one of the most useful antioxidants that can be found in parsley. It is particularly productive in slowing the development of several ailments. It is also great for reducing symptoms of certain diseases, making existing problems easier to live with. If you’re looking for a way to compliment exercise and improve your cardiovascular health, then a diet rich in parsley is a fantastic place to start. With a good concentration of folic acid, it will assist in keeping blood vessels healthy. This can reduce the risk of heart related diseases.

Eating More Parsley

Including parsley more in your diet can easily be done without really changing your eating habits much at all. Whenever you can, always use fresh parsley instead of the dried kind, growing your own is the best way to have a constant supply.

Storing it in the fridge is the favoured way to keep it better for longer unless you are picking it off the plant as and when you need it. If you’re cooking any kind of soup or curry, then parsley can be blended in for added flavour and nutrition. It can also be added to any sauce mix for dishes such as pasta or pizza. Salads are also a great meal to add this herb too and can add flavour to even the dullest leafy dish!

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  1. Thanks Julie for this post. I never knew that parsley was so full of nutrients. Going to go buy a bunch today (and also plan to plant some in my garden this spring)! Thanks also for the follow!

  2. Parsley is a favourite of mine… I can never understand why people leave it on their plate when it’s been used as a garnish! I love parsley sauce… mmmm! Nice to know it’s doing em good while I enjoy it!

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