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12 Days of (before & after) Christmas Green Smoothie Challenge!

green smoothie challenge

Approximately 85% of all people who lose weight when dieting not only gain it all back, but they gain more!

What’s more….experts say that the five to seven pounds people gain over the holidays is not the problem, it’s that they generally don’t lose this weight once the New Year comes!

12 Days of (before & after) Christmas Green Smoothie Challenge

Well, it is nearly here!

That’s right, Christmas and the whole Holiday Season is literally right around the corner!  With the endless holiday dinners, office parties and more, the urge to eat and the seasonal lethargy may slowly start to creep in.  Ugh. But what if this year could be different?  What if you could make this your healthiest holiday season EVER?

Starting on the 13th of December and ending the 5th of January – for the 12 days before and after Christmas, I am kicking off a 24-Day Green Smoothie Challenge!

This challenge will take you up to Christmas (while all the parties are going on) and after Christmas (when we usually seem to over indulge even more!)  AND, the best part is, you can still eat some of your favourite Chistimas puddings!

It’s proven that when you start your day off with a healthy meal, you’re more likely to eat well throughout the rest of the day.  So, if you start the day off with a green smoothie, you’ll be much less likely to overindulge, pig out, and get totally stuffed when the office parties and holiday dinners start happening.

Julie Montagu’s 12 Days of (before & after) Christmas

While everyone else is having seconds and thirds of the mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing and gravy, you’ll be dropping the weight and feeling great!

During the 12 Days leading up to Christmas and after Christmas, I will send you a bit of healthy inspiration, recipes, yoga poses, and healthy eating and living tips!

Julie Montagu’s 12 Days of (before & after) Christmas

But we’ll kick it off with an awesome teleseminar on the 13th of December – that will explain why green smoothies work, how they work , and all the good stuff in them!

Eating your kale, spinach, Swiss chard and Romaine lettuce – to name a few – on a regular basis, can provide anti-aging benefits, prevention of disease – especially cancers – and help with weight loss.  And it’s so easy to get these greens into your diet if you just use a bit of creativity and hide them in a delicious smoothie, so come and join in!

You’ll have lovely rosy cheeks this holiday season, not from your warm fire, but because you’re looking and feeling healthy and energised!

Registrations will be closing in just a few days! I’ve kept this 12 Days of Christmas Green Smoothie program VERY affordable especially since the holidays are already a time of serious spending.  And, if you’re already a Green Smoothie Addict and see and feel the benefits already, why not give this as a holiday gift to someone you love!

For just a pound a day you can make this holiday season your best one yet!

Julie Montagu’s 12 Days of (before & after) Christmas

Prove to yourself that this year will be different and choose to make your health the most important thing this holiday season.

Here’s to a Healthy Holiday Season!

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