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How to Create Valuable Content for Your Online Yoga Students

yoga online content marketing

As a yoga teacher, your online platform will be an invaluable resource. Past, present, and potential future yoga students will look to connect with you online for a number of reasons.

Creating valuable content for your online audience is essential if you are to keep these people interested in you and your yoga brand.

Why Create Content?

Only by creating, publishing, sharing, and promoting your content will you be able to continuously engage your audience. Doing so also helps to show your students that you have a lot to offer and that you are an amazing source of knowledge for all things yoga.

Content Strategy

When you are starting to think about the kind of content you want to put out into the world, it is important to have a strategy in place.

If you are randomly creating content with no clear intention, then this will likely be apparent to your followers. If there is no understandable and worthwhile purpose to a piece of content, then it surely is not going to encourage action or engagement from anyone who sees it.

Having a defined strategy for your content creation will ensure that everything that you produce has a purpose. This purpose could be to inform your followers of something that you are doing, educate them on a topic that you are an expert in, ask them to sign up to a training that you are running, or anything else that serves your brand and business.

yoga content online marketing

You should always ensure that each piece of content that you share online has a simple call to action. This call to action could be signing up to a class, reading a further piece of content, signing up to your newsletter, sharing your post, or something similar.

Brand Awareness

Keeping your brand at the heart of all content that you create is a great way to keep your focus during this process.

Encouraging people to find out about you and what your yoga business is all about is one of the main reasons you will create online content. The end goal is always to enhance your web presence and reputation within the yoga world, as this will help you to fill your classes and build your business.

Make sure all of your content is branded and that it is easy for anyone who comes across it to know that you are behind it.

Solve Problems and Answer Questions

Truly valuable content will always aim to solve a problem, to answer a question, or to provide another type of value to the person consuming it.

You may feel that you have a good idea already about the type of information your followers are craving, and if so then that’s fantastic! You can use this knowledge to drive your content strategy and to create the kind of content that you already know they want to find.

If you are less sure about what it is these people want, then do not be afraid to ask them!

You can share social media posts asking your followers what it is they want to know, or what it is they want to see, and then set about giving them what they want.

marketing yoga content strategy

You might find that they request instructional videos on specific yoga poses, answers to questions about yoga history, tips for meditation, or that they might have more personal questions about you and your interest in yoga.

Simply reaching out to your audience to find out what it is they are going to enjoy is an easy but effective way to ensure you are creating valuable content.

Be Consistent

Being consistent in your content strategy will help to keep your followers engaged. This means creating content as per a schedule and trying your best to stick to your schedule.

Consistency in the type of content you create is also important and will help your followers to build a more complete sense of who you are. So, if you are a blogger then putting out regular written content that follows the same style and tone is a good idea. On the other hand, if video is more your thing, then building a YouTube channel with videos of a similar style and vibe is a good path for you.

Creating follow-up pieces to existing content will help your followers to build upon their knowledge and will give them a reason to come back and check your platforms for fresh information.

For more great ways to succeed in the online sphere, check out my past post on Social Media Tips For New Yoga Teachers!

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