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A Day in the Life (of me!)

I get asked this a lot…. how do I fit it all in and I’m here to give you guys a glimpse into my a typical day and what keeps me going and going and going! As a working mum of four my schedule tends to be quite hectic seven days a week! However, life has become slightly easier this year as my youngest is now old enough to take the school bus! This means that for the first time in almost 14 years I no longer have to do the school run. This change to my routine has certainly been shocking but I’m absolutely not complaining!  I wake up and first thing I do is stick my legs up my bedroom wall and breath for 5 minutes.  Inhaling, pressing my belly into my hand for 4 seconds and exhaling drawing my belly back towards my spine for six seconds. This breathing exercise really wakes me up first thing in the morning and also helps to created space between the many thoughts going around in my head! I then climb out of bed onto my floor and do 5 Sun Salutation A’s and 3 Sun Salutation B’s before heading to the shower. Afterwards, not only do I make sure my kids have a good, hearty and healthy breakfast but I also make sure I get in a quick mug of hot water, lemon and ginger followed by either a big bowl of yummy granola or avocado on toast!

So, once all four of my kids are out of the house (around 7:45am) my day can begin. The first thing I do is check my inbox to respond to emails and then I get on my bike and cycle to teach my first yoga class of the day.

julie-montagu-yoga-lesson-londonAfter teaching yoga at triyoga and slipping into taking a class myself, I usually have a meeting to get to followed by a quick and healthy lunch at one of my few favourite places in London such as JuiceBaby or The Good Life Eatery or Nama.  Check them out!

After lunch I’ll either spend a few hours working on my new Wellness Membership Site all about those small moments of self-care – called Truly Julie or filming for Ladies of London, or creating new recipes in the kitchen or I’ll be editing my next book out in 2018! Whatever it is I’m up to, I always make sure to be home by 5pm when all of the kids will get home from school.

Supper gets made and  I usually let the kids pick one recipe a week from my either of my two cookbook ‘Superfoods’ and ‘Superfoods Superfast’, homework gets done and then on two nights of the week I’ll get back on my bike to go and teach an evening yoga class. Once back home, I always end my day with a hot Epsom Salt bath, some candles and a good book!

julie-montagu-cycling-londonAs you can see, my days are jam-packed but I totally love being busy and being able to do the things I love! Regardless of how busy my days are, I always try to make time for breakfast, lunch and dinner – with the odd snack added here and there.

On an average day I will cycle between 12 and 15 miles, and on some days I teach yoga for up to five hours! So, as you can imagine, I need my fuel! And, ‘good for you’ food is always my go-to fuel. Also, I find that making the time for three meals a day also allows you to create space for you. When you sit down for a meal you automatically start to rest your body and your digestive system can do its thing – just what I need most days – 3 x a day!

julie-montagu-breakfast-avocado-toastA typical day would involve avocado on toast on the morning with a big mug of green tea. Next, for lunch I’ll enjoy a huge bowl of hearty all veggie and whole grain soup – especially if it’s cold outside and I’m cycling around lots (as I usually am). And finally my dinner obsession at the moment is veggie burgers with sweet potato fries! When it comes to snacks in between meals I’m currently really into making my own green balls using Welleco Alkalising greens – check back later in the week for the recipe and why I swear by this green powder!

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  1. Julie,
    I love you on Ladies of London and especially love reading your posts! Do you have any tips for someone like me who wants to get into yoga but isn’t too flexible? Also what is your go to vegan snack? I tend to snack on almonds or a banana but I want to switch it up!

  2. Thanks Julie!! This was one of the topics I requested for the Truly-Julie site. You are inspiring. Thanks for the great info!!

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