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Absolutely love and enjoy your classes! your energy is exceptional. and so happy I can access them from anywhere in the world now 🙂

The “choreography” and sequencing, the ability to push to limits as appropriate, the balanced blend of benefits incorporated ( cardio, strength, flexibility), there is no other class like it.

Personally I think they’re fantastic – it makes such a difference, and will in the future when someone won’t be able to necessarily make it to the studio for whatever reason (work/out of the country etc). Makes us feel connected and gives our practice a deeper meaning!

I love the privacy and sense this is just for me , my time. Although online it is truly the greatest solace In the day. I love it

The class I took prior is offered online and live but they don’t offer the same high level of production quality as your classes. Love your classes and how they set me up for my day. Thank You!

They’re so life-giving. The practice is always challenging but accessible. The atmosphere is supportive and intelligent. The cues are clear. And with work so crazy right now, I LOVE that I can do the class at any hour and still get all the benefits that I would have if I showed up when it was running live – including a sense of practicing with a community.

I love that Julie makes her classes feel spiritual and I often feel emotional at the end of the class

I really love your energy and passion which make every class a unique experience. The breathing and meditation exercises are also great!

It’s really nice that you say hi and take the time to chat .. It makes it more inclusive and a less isolating way to practice.

I always love hearing the mad things Mapperton throws at you.

Brightens up these crazy times.

I love Friday’s classes, my favourite by far. The instructions are easy to follow and by the end of the class, I feel like I have had a good work out. Online gives me the time flexibility (the link being good for 72 hours) and the ability to press pause which is sometimes necessary at home.

Your motivational messages, routine, connection, communication.. love the reading at the end

You’re a really great teacher, and I love your flows. You’re so kind and enthusiastic which radiates from the screen. I love your readings at the end too.

One of the big reasons I do them instead of other live yoga classes is the option to watch for three days after class. I can never do the weekday flows live because of work so I do them at night. I would definitely continue doing them when quarantine is over because of this feature. I love the flexibility!!

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