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Five Reasons Why It’s Important To Take Time To Yourself

Five Reasons Why It’s Important To Take Time To Yourself

Although being able to take time to yourself might feel impossible right now, it is still something that we can all seriously benefit from prioritising!

If you have spent the last few weeks indoors with your family, then time alone might feel like a distant memory. Although this is a fantastic opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones, time alone is still super important too!

If taking time to be alone is something that you have never made the conscious effort to do, then this might seem like a strange concept to you. Additionally, this could also be something you have tried to avoid in the past!

It is not uncommon for a person to avoid being alone, and this can be for a number of reasons.

You may associate being alone with the idea of being lonely, or disconnected from friends and family. However, being alone can actually be a great way to refresh your mind, reset your batteries, and empower your sense of self.

Today I want to share five reasons why it's so important to take time to yourself!

1.Relax Your Mind

If you are constantly spending time with one or more people, then it can be difficult to properly process your thoughts and feelings. This can especially be the case if you are looking after your children all day.

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External noise can make it very challenging to feel peaceful on the inside, and this can eventually leave you feeling frazzled.

When you are able to take just a few minutes out to be still in silence, then your brain is given a chance to catch up!

2.Boost Concentration & Focus

Tying into the previous point, when you are able to relax your mind, your concentration and focus can be enhanced.

Also, if you have work to do or tasks to complete, it can be much more productive to do so without the distraction of others. You will likely find that you can do things faster and with greater ease when you have the chance to do them by yourself.

3.Understand Yourself

When you are constantly surrounded by others, you may find that you let your own thoughts and opinions stay silent. It can be easier to let others lead and to make the decisions.

When you spend time alone, and think on these things, you can start to better understand what your preferences and ideas are. This means you can start to really understand yourself, and build your relationship with yourself.

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As well as being helpful in the moment of solitude, this can also help you to find your voice and speak out when in the company of others.

4.Resolve Problems

If something is playing on your mind, but you don't have the time to think about it properly, then this issue can go unresolved. This isn't great because this thing can then continue to drain your emotional energy.

If you are unable to truly give your time to working through your problems, then they might start to feel much bigger than they really are.

By taking some time alone to focus on what has happened, and how you can move forwards, then you can find satisfying resolutions. This time alone can also help you to clarify your thoughts and feelings about a problem, which can help you better communicate these needs to anyone else involved.

5.Build Relationships

Even the strongest of relationships can benefit from time apart. How you feel in the absence of another person is a good indicator of how healthy this relationship is.

taking time alone mental health

When you make a conscious effort to spend time alone, you can notice what you miss and what you don't. This can help you to better understand what you want from your relationships, and what you are perhaps unhappy with.

Taking Time Alone

Hopefully by now you agree that spending time alone can be great for many reasons. You may now be asking yourself how you can make this time for yourself.

If you live with other people then this can of course be a challenge. This will be especially complicated if you have children — but it is still possible!

If you are someone who goes out to work, then it can be just as hard to get a moment alone. Working environments are rarely peaceful places, and going from a busy house to a busy workplace can cause stress to build up over time.

Getting up earlier than the rest of your household is a great way to start the day in solitude. You can use this time to exercise, to meditate, or simply to eat your breakfast in peace. if getting up early isn't your thing, then you may find it easier to take this time alone at the end of the day.

The truth is, there are so many ways to take this time, and often you may have to get creative!

For more advice on this topic, check out my past blog post on Five Powerful Ways To Take Time To Yourself!

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